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VAT, Customs & Excise

Do you have a dispute with HMRC?

We have an experienced team of VAT, Customs & Excise solicitors in Manchester and London who specialise in HMRC investigations and defending tax fraud or tax evasion allegations.

Our solicitors offer both domestic and cross-border advice and provide high quality, innovative tax solutions in the increasingly complex area of tax legislation and practice, helping you to minimise tax risk and avoid disputes with HMRC.

Customs Disputes & Classifications:

Our Customs Solicitors can assist with the release of goods that have been held up or seized by HMRC or UKBA at the ports, EU Tariff Classification and quota’s, customs valuation issues, country of origin disputes, applications for repayment and remission of duties, waiver and mitigation applications, Binding Tariff Information applications and customs civil evasion penalties.

Our Commercial Solicitors can also assist with negotiating commercial transactions with suppliers, import brokers and logistics companies, resolving issues that arise in existing commercial relationships and handling pre-litigation legal disputes and inquiries.

Our International Trade Solicitors will support your import export business by advising on a broad range of regulatory and compliance matters for transporting products inside and outside the EU and under the World Trade Organization rules. Understanding the impact of these rules for an organisations commercial transactions is crucial to their success.

Civil Evasion Penalties:

HMRC can issue Civil Evasion Penalties, of up to 100% of the amount evaded if you are found liable. Directors of Limited Liability Companies can be issued with a penalty that they are liable to personally pay. We can assist you in determining whether you are liable in the first instance and if so to mitigate the penalty by up to 40%.

For more information on our track record of success and Penalties, please read our CASE STUDY – Successful VAT Penalty Notice Appeal here.

VAT Assessments, Fraud & Evasion:

VAT fraud occurs when a VAT registered trader collects VAT on their sales, but fails to pass on the balance of the VAT owed to HMRC after the trader has deducted the VAT they have paid to their suppliers.

If HMRC has accused your business of failing to declare its true VAT liability on VAT returns by suppressing sales or inflating purchases, we can assist you to make an organised disclosure to reduce the VAT assessment and avoid a Civil Evasion Penalty.

Excise Fraud & Seizures:

Excise Fraud & Seizures are related to the strict rules that govern the international transport, movement and sale of excise duty on tobacco, alcohol and hydrocarbon oils. Traders must follow the statutory requirements for the handling of these goods or face a penalty. Also, gaming, betting, air passengers and lottery are also regulated activities and subject to penalties if wrongdoing is established.

Our Solicitors are experts in all matter related to excise and can help with restoration, condemnation and forfeiture proceedings, POCA claims, licences and warehousing issues.

HMRC Internal Appeals:

We encourage our clients to resolve a dispute though negotiations with HMRC or by requesting reconsiderations and internal appeals. It is important to appeal a HMRC decision within the prescribed period. A properly formulated appeal based on legal rights obligations and merits can save you lots of time, stress and inconvenience.

If your accountant or tax advisor is dealing with the HMRC internal appeal route, please do contact us for a second opinion as it is important not to compromise your position. Our knowledge on the law could mean that we may be able to suggest a more favourable option or interpretation.

Independent Tax Tribunal Appeals:

If all methods of reconsiderations or appeals are exhausted, we can prepare your Statement of Case and evidence for submission to a Tax Tribunal within the prescribed period and if necessary a Hardship Application to ensure the tax claimed is not payable until the end of the Tribunal process.

Other methods of appeal include, the Upper Tax Tribunal and Judicial Review in certain circumstances.

Our Team:

Our team includes former HMRC Tax Solicitors who have an exceptional breadth of experience. We have advised on complex cases and obtained favourable results with our knowledge and expertise.

For a free no obligation consultation on legal support and funding, call our Tax Solicitors in Manchester on 0161 820 888 or 0207 592 0806 for our Tax Solicitors in London. Between our two offices, we offer a personal and nationwide service.

Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form below for a call back.

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