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International Trade & The UK

The UK is established as one of the world’s major trading nations and the economy is predicted to be still expanding steadily with services growing robustly, offering a sizable market for international trade. With a population of 63.2 million the UK is the sixth largest economy in the world with GDP of around US $2.44 trillion. This makes up 41% of the global market, more than double of the next largest, New York which stands at 19%. The UK is perfect for a business to operate from because of the huge amounts of trade deals that pass through here on a daily basis and because of its close links to continental Europe and North America.
Top 10 reasons for doing business or investing in the UK:

  • The UK is an open economy allowing international investors to operate and purchase property
  • The ability to obtain an entrepreneur/residency visa for the UK
  • The UK has a strong legal system giving legal security to your investment
  • Low currency fluctuation
  • Access new customers, suppliers and partners
  • Access European markets ate preferential customs rates
  • Develop new high tech products
  • Access a skilled labour force
  • The UK has the second lowest labour costs per hour
  • UK broadband/ internet is superfast
  • UK transport & accessibility to Europe and beyond


Our Apostille Solicitors in Manchester, can quickly certify and legalise your apostille documents. This is done by legalisation or authentication by the use of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s official certificate attached to the back of the document, known as the apostille. These are internationally recognised due to the Hague Convention. Many foreign jurisdictions require documentations to bear a legally recognised bodies stamp or certification to be able to recognise and accept those documents before issuing the apostille. Our Solciitors are recognised by the FCO which will avoid delays in processing your documentation. We can usually certfy doucments on the same day, but please do call in advance to ensure that we can accomodate you.

Examples of Documents that we can certify are:

  • Academic certificates and qualifications (original or copies may be certified)
  • Company documents (original or copies may be certified)
  • Passports and driving licence (copies are always signed)
  • Wills and last testaments (original or copies may be signed)
  • Power of attorney (normally original documents are witnessed)
  • Affidavits and declarations (original documents are witnessed)
  • Affidavits and declarations (original documents are witnessed)
  • Deed Polls (original or copies may be signed)
  • Contracts, agreements or resolutions (original or copies may be signed)

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