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Compulsory Purchase Orders

A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) is an order made by an acquiring authority such as a local authority, highways agency or utility company, giving them the legal right to buy or take land or property from you, without your consent, for the benefit of the public.

There are strict procedures set out in the statute to adhere to when obtaining a CPO including the provision of compensation. Whether you are looking to use CPO powers or are under threat from them, Monarch Solicitors have lawyers with specialist experience in advising on the legal rights and obligations in the process.

Given the nature of the CPO process, it is important to act fast to protect your position and mitigate your loss and secure compensation. Monarch Solicitors work as part of a versatile team, providing CPO advice and representation from their Manchester office.

The government has pledged to spend millions on infrastructure projects over the next few years, from HS1 and HS2 to Airport City to new tram lines and motorways.

If you are affected by a CPO contact our specialist compulsory purchase solicitors, who act for individual landowners and acquiring authorities.

Specific CPO areas that we focus on, include:

  • Local Authority CPO Procedure
  • Advice on losses and costs claimable under a CPO
  • Negotiating Compensation
  • Quashing a CPO to Retain Control of Land
  • Blight Notices
  • References to the Lands Chamber (Upper Tribunal)
  • Advocacy Representation
  • Recovery of Legal Costs

Monarch Solicitors are a member of the Compulsory Purchase Association and have an exceptional breadth of experience. We have advised on complex cases and obtained favourable results with our knowledge and expertise.

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For more information on Compulsory Purchase Orders, please read our FREE GUIDE – TOP 10 TIPS on Compulsory Purchase Orders here.

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