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Commercial Leases

Commercial Business Lease:

Our specialist Commercial Lease Solicitors in Manchester will help you ensure that your commercial lease is successfully negotiated and tailored to protect your business interests.

Whether you’re taking a new lease or an assignment of an existing lease, a commercial lease is a huge commitment for both the Landlord & Tenant and each has competing interests that require careful balancing.

It is critical to take upfront legal advice on the terms and obligations contained within it before you sign it to avoid costly mistakes that will inevitably restrict your business plans or if there is a change in circumstances.

Specific lease terms that need sharp attention, include:

• Rent & Non-Payment of Rent
• Service Charges
• Rent Reviews
• Break Clauses
• Planning & Permitted Use
• Repairs, Schedule of Condition & Dilapidation’s
• Covenants and Effect of Breach of Covenant
• Statutory Lease Renewals
• Surrender
• Forfeiture
• Licences for Alterations & Assignment
• Business Rates & Taxation
• Security (Rent Deposits & Guarantors)

For more information on what to look out for in a commercial lease, please read our FREE Guide – TOP 10 Tips on Commercial Leases by clicking here.

We offer a transparent and fixed fee pricing structure based upon the term of the lease and annual rent.

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Commercial Lease Disputes:

If you are experiencing difficulties with an existing commercial lease, our Landlord & Tenant Solicitors can assist you quickly and cost efficiently.

For more information contact our Manchester Landlord & Tenant Disputes Team on 0161 820 8888 or 0207 592 0806 for our London Commercial Lease Solicitors.

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