Limit your contractual exposure and risk - key ingredients to a successful business

Commercial Contracts & Disputes

Business Contracts and Agreements:

Our contract solicitors will prepare and negotiate the best terms for your commercial contract, to ensure that the scope of your obligations and the terms of payment are defined and liability is limited to minimise exposure and risk.

Have you been presented with a contract that you’re worried about signing? Are you concerned about terms, technicalities and/or language of a contract?

If cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, contracts are its immune system. It is vital to have a well-defined contract in place to protect your business and hard earned cash and to establish solid business relationships.

You will only know how exposed you are with a weak contract in the event of a dispute and therefore it is vital to mitigate this risk in advance.

Specific contracts that need sharp attention, include:

• Shareholder & Partner Agreements
• Standards Terms and Conditions of Business
• Manufacturing and Brand Licensing Agreements
• Distribution & Supply Agreements
• Outsourcing and Agency Agreements
• Warranties & Guarantees (Commercial & Property)
• Franchise Agreements
• Consumer Contracts
• Hiring & Leasing Agreements
• Website Terms of Use
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Intellectual Property
• Anti-Competitive Agreements
• E-Commerce & Distance Selling Rules

Contract Drafting:

Our Contract solicitors are committed to finding the best practical legal solutions to protect your business, the Directors and the Shareholders with bespoke business contracts.

We will tailor your contract precisely to the needs of your business, to protect your position in crucial areas such as payment terms, ownership in goods, retention of title, delivery of goods and performance of services, and any restrictions on your liability as the supplier.

We will draft your business contract for a fixed low fee.

Contract Negotiations:

If you are about to embark on a new project, our contract lawyers can assist you in negotiating the most favourable terms for your business, and ensure that the contract is executed correctly and can be relied upon when necessary.

We will represent your best interests whilst always being commercial headed, keeping it simple and meeting your deadlines to get results. Ensure that your next business deal is both commercially and legally sound.

Contract Disputes:

Despite best intention at the outset of a project, business pressures and needs can lead to disputes between contracting parties. In such situations, early legal intervention is essential so as not to compromise the integrity of your position and to ensure that the situation does not spiral out of control. Our commercial contract litigators can ensure that your position is protected and you get everything you have worked for as a shareholder, partner, and director.

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For more information on what to look for in Commercial Contracts, please read our FREE GUIDE – TOP 10 TIPS on Business Contracts here.


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