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Chinese Student Legal Protection Scheme – S.P.S

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The UK receives more students from China than any other country year on year. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency 2015 the total number of Chinese students in the UK was forecasted at: 87,895 which has gone up 4% from 2014. The number of Chinese students studying in the UK grew by 35% over the course of 4 years and is now at a record high.

Did you know 92% of these students are funded by their parents, who due to the one child policy, invest heavily in the welfare of their only offspring. A parent is always going to worry, however the top 3 concerns for Chinese parent whose child is off to the UK is:

  • Accommodation
  • Education
  • Legal Protection

The S.P.S cover the main areas of civil law, encountered in the UK such as:

  • Education Disputes
  • Accommodation
  • Immigration
  • Consumer Contracts
  • Employment

Chinese students can benefit from early and preventative legal advice, for an upfront fixed fee price which will gain them access to:

  • 12 months’ peace of mind
  • Up to ten hours of legal assistant
  • Discounted rates for additional work
  • Direct contact with a lawyer
  • Chinese & Cantonese speaking staff
  • Dedicated special hotline number
SPS HOTLINE: 0161 820 8888



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