“Outstanding Young Business Personality”, Manchester Solicitor, Shazda Ahmed

We are delighted to announce that female entrepreneur, Shazda Ahmed has been awarded the title of Outstanding Young Business Personality, in the Northern Powerhouse. The prestigious Northern Lights 2017 inaugural award ceremony was designed to celebrate business excellence and collaboration across the North of England. The ceremony honored the companies and individuals who have been instrumental in working together and driving forward plans to help make the UK Northern Powerhouse a reality. The Young Business Personality of the Year award recognises that the young people making a name in business … Read More

Northern Powerhouse Conference & Exhibition

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Just in case any of our readers are unsure, the Northern Powerhouse is a proposal to boost the economic growth throughout Northern England, and Monarch Solicitors are incredibly proud to be able to play a part in the movement. Focusing mainly on the large cities of Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool, the Northern Powerhouse is all about improving transport links and investing more in innovation. The Northern Powerhouse has had a huge influence over cities in the north since its inception, with huge improvements already taking place within the arts … Read More

How To Deal With Unlawful Eviction

We all know that disputes can arise between tenants and landlords at any given time, as all it takes is a conflict of interests or a contractual disagreement to arise. These disputes can range from continual issues with rent, the dilapidation of the property or even the misuse of deposited funds- all of which can create a scenario in which a tenant is left holding a lease that they simply aren’t happy with. Landlord and tenant disputes are a constant issue across the country, and it’s only natural for you … Read More

Compulsory Purchase Orders – Top 10 Tips

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Top 10 Tips – Compulsory Purchase Orders The quickening pace of infrastructure development, in Greater Manchester and Cheshire clearly indicates the wider use of compulsory purchase powers in the near future. Compulsory Purchase Orders, are an order put forward by an Acquiring Authority (AA) such as a local authority or highways agency which forces you to sell up, so that they can remove your property to make way for the development of the local community. CPO’s as they’re more commonly known, can be tricky to understand and even trickier to … Read More

How An Employer Should Deal With Compulsory Redundancy

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Having to make an employee redundant is never going to be an enjoyable thing for a business owner but unfortunately, with the economy the way it is, this problematic scenario is consistently becoming a reality for many businesses across the country. To make matters worse, the difficulty of such situations is exacerbated by complicated employment laws, which is exactly why you should consider contacting Monarch Solicitors for legal advice. By offering expert advice, our team make sure that your business isn’t hindered by any confusing employment regulations, which will ultimately … Read More

Consumer Rights – Top 10 Tips

As a consumer, you can be forgiven for assuming that the goods or services you are acquiring are fit for purpose. If you have purchased goods or services that have fallen short of your expectations, it is important to understand what protection will be offered to you and how the situation can be rectified. The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1st October 2015 with a view to offering clarity on the relationship between businesses and consumers. Here are some key points to be aware of. 1.Quality of products … Read More

Employment disputes – Top 10 Tips

The relationship between an employer and an employee has a number of rules and obligations that bind them. As an employee you have a number of rights that you are entitled to and as an employer you have a number of responsibilities and obligations to meet on behalf of your workforce. Here are some useful tips for you to consider which may assist you in the event of a potential employment law dispute. 1. Eligibility to work All employees must legally be entitled to work in the United Kingdom before … Read More