Commercial Litigation – Top 10 Tips

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Our Top 10 Tips for fast, cost-effective and sensible dispute resolution A dispute is not welcomed but for a business they are a fact of life and a law suit does not have to mean financial crisis for a successful business. When managing litigation, follow these 10 tips to help keep costs low and ensure everything goes the way you want it to. 1. Be Prepared Ensure you review all the relevant documents and understand the testimony of all applicable witnesses. Knowing the facts of your case and the controlling … Read More


HMRC VAT Customs Excice Solicitor Manchester & London - VAT Penalty Notice Appeal

VAT PENALTY NOTICE – SUCCESSFUL APPEAL CASE STUDY Directors Personal VAT Liability Penalty Notice, £33,332.54 Company known as ARL for anonymity purposes Background: Mr V was a director of a successful company, ARL, which was trading as a temporary employment agency. Mr V operated the business submitting all tax returns and other legislative requirements on time and accurately. In 2013, Mr V decided to transfer his staff to a Payroll Services provider. Following this ARL received and paid VAT invoices from the Payroll Services Company and ARL then reclaimed the … Read More