Freehold purchase price lease extension buying freehold

Freehold Purchase – Top 10 Facts for individual house owners. Manchester, London, UK Wide, Lease Enfranchisement. Historically the word “enfranchisement” meant “liberation from imprisonment or slavery” in relation to people. Used in the modern-day context of property ownership, “enfranchisement” refers to the release from control by the freeholder. Owning a leasehold refers to renting property for a limited period of time, for a specified rent, and on terms contained in the lease. Like the terms of any contract, if the terms of the lease are breached then there are consequences. However, … Read More


Lease Extension, 80 years on lease

Lease Extensions – Top 10 Facts for individual flat owners. Manchester, London, UK Wide, Residential Property. You may have seen the horror stories in the news about leasehold owners being unable to sell or re-mortgage their apartments or houses because of a short lease term or onerous ground rent terms. This is a growing issue throughout the country and, if you find yourself stuck in a similar dilemma, you’re bound to feel that the whole issue is incredibly unfair. Monarch Solicitors share your feelings of frustration, and that’s exactly why … Read More