Commercial Leases – Top 10 Tips

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COMMERCIAL LEASES GUIDE If you’re considering new office space for your business, there are several considerations that you should keep in mind prior to entering a deal. Here are 10 key points to be aware of which may help you secure the best property for your business needs. 1. Outline your key objectives Securing the perfect location can be an exciting time for a business. As such, it’s important to ensure that your judgement isn’t clouded as to what is truly important. Do your research and get an understanding of … Read More

How To Deal With Unlawful Eviction

We all know that disputes can arise between tenants and landlords at any given time, as all it takes is a conflict of interests or a contractual disagreement to arise. These disputes can range from continual issues with rent, the dilapidation of the property or even the misuse of deposited funds- all of which can create a scenario in which a tenant is left holding a lease that they simply aren’t happy with. Landlord and tenant disputes are a constant issue across the country, and it’s only natural for you … Read More