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Business Restructuring

The restructuring of a business is a significant and time consuming procedure, which usually requires outside, legal help. Restructuring may occur for a variety of reasons, due to a merger or sale, or perhaps bankruptcy.
Our Solicitors will be able to formulate contracts and ensure all the requirements of the Companies Act are met. Using Monarchs solicitors will also ensure that your business is free from distractions and, should there be future issues, you can rely on the expert advice of our solicitors.

Incorrect restructuring can cause detrimental repercussions across the business, effecting pensions and payroll. Therefore, it is advisable to seek as much legal help as possible in order to ensure the future safety and success of your business.
We will provide honest and reliable advice, keeping you in the loop and up-to date with the reality of the situation. This allows you to make the most informed choices and for us to remedy the situation as expeditiously as possible.


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